Time Programme
0800- 0900 Registration
0900 Opening Ceremony
0900- 0905 Welcome by Congress Chair - Damian Tang
0905- 0915 Address by IFLA President - Prof. Kathryn Moore
0915- 0930 Opening Speech by Guest of Honour - Minister Lawrence Wong, Minister of National Development, Second Minister of Finance
0930 - 1000

Opening Keynote on Biophilic Cities

Prof Timothy Beatley, Teresa Heinz Professor of Sustainable Communities, in the Department of Urban and Environmental Planning
University of Virginia: School of Architecture
1000 - 1030 Morning Refreshments
1030 - 1100

Keynote Session

Dr Cheong Koon Hean, Chief Executive Officer
Housing & Development Board
1100 - 1130

Keynote session on Biophilic City - Ecosystem services in the urban landscape

Prof Peter Edwards, Principal Investigator
Future Cities Laboratory
1130 -1200

Keynote Session

Henry Steed, Director
ICN Design International Pte Ltd
1200 - 1230 Panel Discussion
1230 - 1400 Networking Lunch
Featured Session - Biophilic City
Biophilic design and culture
Featured Session - Smart Nation
Smart tool and data - adoption of new technology and big data to inform design
Featured Session - Future Resilience
Showcases integrated design solutions through projects by various design disciplines to make cities more resilient against climate change
1400 - 1420

Intertwined Culture and Nature for the Urban Future:
Cultural and Natural Heritage as a Platform for Addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, 2030 Global Agenda

Patricia M. O'Donnell, Founder & Principal 

Heritage Landscapes LLC

Cooling Singapore - Scientific Knowledge for Decision-Makers

Dr Conrad Phillip, Singapore-ETH Centre, Cooling Singapore


Climate Ready Projects

Ming-Jen Hsueh, Landscape Architect

Sasaki Associate

1420 - 1440

Nature System in Chinese Cities- Past, Present and Future

Prof Wang Xiangrong, Former Vice President of CHSLA, dean of School of Architecture, Beijing Forestry University
People's Republic of China


Green Intelligence

Veera Sekaran, founder, Managing Director



Regenerative Living Infrastructure

Gena Wirth, Design Principal

SCAPE Studio


1440 - 1500

Biophilic Railway Stations - Re-imagine the Nature of Transit Design

Dr Roös Philip, Senior Lecturer in Architect

Deakin University Australia

To Be Confirmed

Designing Resilience in Asia

Prof Oscar Carracedo, Assistant Professor,

Department of Architecture

National University of Singapore


1500 - 1515 Discussions Discussions Discussions
Paper Presentation Session-
Greenery and health
Paper Presentation Session-
Performance evaluation of greenery and public spaces
Paper Presentation Session-
Design for climate change
1515 -1530 Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute - Improving Mental Health in Prison Through Biophilic Design
Dr Jana Soderlund
Landscape Health Assessment Index Using Nature Sounds For Urban Landscape Analytics and Ecological Security Pattern: A Methodological Summary of Soundscape Mapping Design for the Preservation and Conservation of Natural Soundscape
Darapisa, Charl Justine Balanza
Republic of Korea
Ecological Urban Placemaking Prof. Stilgenbauer Judith
1530 - 1545 The Healing Park: Therapeutic Gardens Accessible to all in the Public Context
Prof. Daniel Winterbottom
Tree Canopy Quantification of Street Canyons in High-Density Urban Environments using Google Street View
Gong Fangying
Hong Kong, China
Recrafting Urban Climate Change Resilience Understandings
Prof. David Jones
1545 - 1600 Medical Centers: A Platform for Urban Healing Landscapes
Prof. Nayla Al-Akl
The Application of Urban Potential Analysis and Urban Landuse Sustainability
Lin Kai-Tai
People's Republic of China
The Landscape Carbon Calculator
Pamela Conrad
1600 - 1615 Creating A New Suburban Landscape by Means of Therapeutic Landscape - Xianhe Hainan Province
Sun Xue-rong
People's Republic of China
Research on Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Outdoor Physical Activities and Environmental Behaviour of Elderly People in Urban Park at Cold Region based on Heath Perspective
Tang Xiaoting
People's Republic of China
Vegetation Succession Planning and Resilience
Prof. David Jones
1615 - 1645 Afternoon Refreshments
Paper Presentation Session-
Greenery and health
Paper Presentation Session-
Data for design insight
Paper Presentation Session-
Disaster resilience
1645 - 1700 Living Landscape and Brain Reactions
Prof. Chang Chun-Yen
Chinese Taipei
Study on Urban Interior Bicycle Greenway Planning Based on Big Data Analysis of Shared Bicycle
Chen Xixi
People's Republic of China
Hybrid City
Boonsom Yossapon
1700 - 1715 Garden Therapy in African Slums
Dr Antolak Mariusz
Materialising Microclimate: Designing with Data for Thermal Effect
Walls Wendy Laurel
Green Open Space and the impact of Tsunami-induced Damaged on in Banda Aceh City
Desy Fatamala Makhmud
1715 - 1730 Foresting Parking Lots
Rabazo Martin
Assessment of Online Public Opinion on Historical Gardens
Li Yuan
People's Republic of China
Reconstruction Processes and Support Activities since the Great East Japan Earthquake
Prof. Hayashi Mayumi
1730 - 1745 Use Waste Spaces of Cities to Connect with Children with Nature
Haramipour Pedram
Big Data Analysis for Cultural Ecosystem Services in Landscape Research
Jin Lilan
Republic of Korea
How to minimize the Design of a Place Damage by Disaster
Prof. Akita Noriko
1745 - 1800 Bioretention: Biophilic Technology for Urban Stormwater Management
Newton Becker Moura, UNIFOR
Smart Investigation: Evaluation of Beijing Olympic Forest Park based on Online Big Data
Jiang Xin
People's Republic of China
Disaster Management through the use of Animated Physical Model
Endo Kenya
1830 - 2000 Welcome Reception
- Student Competition & Charrette Awards
- Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Awards
Time Programme
0830 - 0900 Registration
0900 - 0930 Keynote Session on Future Resilience - Christchurch Blueprint and post-earthquake Christchurch
Rachel De Lambert, Landscape Architect & Director
Boffa Miskel
New Zealand
0930 - 1000 Keynote Session
Kenneth Er, Chief Executive Officer
National Parks Board
1000 - 1030 Morning Refreshment
Paper Presentation Session-
Biophilic Landscape Design around the World
Featured Session - Smart Nation
Modelling - simulate the environment and people behaviour to better understand reality
Featured Session - Future Resilience
Respond to the question of how landscape architectural strategies could be successfully developed into best practice and guidelines which contribute toward the building of resilient cities.
1030 - 1050 The Restorative Value of Nature in Singapore's Landscape
Ryan Shubin
Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl
Time: 1030 - 1045
Smart Design for Liveable Cities
Prof Thomas Schroefper, Professor and Founding Associate Head of Pillar, Architecture and Sustainable Design
Singapore University of Technology and Design
Singapore’s ABC Waters Story – Integrating Blue-Green designs for Resilience in urban landscapes
Tan Nguan Sen, Chief Sustainability Officer
Public Utilities Board
1050 - 1110 Growing Fast and Staying Green - Vienne's Green Space Strategies
Thomas Knoll
Knollonconsult Umweltplanung ZT GmbH
Time: 1045 - 1100
Smart Planning with Digitalisation
Huang Zhongwen, Director, Digital planning lap Department,
Urban Redevelopment Authority
David Maddox, Founder & Executive Director,
The Nature of Cities
1110 - 1130 Embracing Nature through the Green Infrastructure Network of Extensive Urban Park System, Park Connectors and Suburban Forest Parks: Fuzhou, A Case Study of the Emerging Biophilic City in China
Wei Ren
Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
People's Republic of China
Time: 1100 - 1115
Climatecture - Outdoor Comfort in Tropical Climates
Wolfgang Kessling, Partner and Principal
Roadmap to Building Resilient Cities
Saurabh Gaidhani, Program Manager
100 Resilient Cities
1130 - 1145

Greening Chongqing: Creating a Green City on the Yangzi towards Enhancing 'Double Happiness'
Prof. David Jones
Curtin University  
Time: 1115 - 1130

Discussions Discussions
Biophilia and Berlin  
Greene Brent Francis Conway
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)
Time: 1130 - 1145
Paper Presentation Session-
Smart tools for data collection and design
Paper Presentation Session-
Resilient community
1145 - 1200 Medelin, A City for Life
Jaramillo Perez
Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Remote Sensing Technology in Landscape Architecture
Han Weijie
People's Republic of China
Infinitely Adaptive Socialised Housing Development for Urban Regeneration and Resiliency
Jouykovi Cruel
1200 - 1215 History and Characteristics of Urban Parks that have been Transformed from Transport Infrastructure
Jisoo Sim
Geodesign Tools to Support Design with Nature in Urban Design
Hou Suyue
People's Republic of China
Re-enrooting Food and People to the Place and Re-exploring Landscape Locality for Future Resilience
Dr. Wang Kuang-Yu
Chinese Taipei
1215 - 1230 Green Roof Technology from Singular Technical Solution to a Key Element in Biophilic Architecture
Dr. Koehler Manfred,
Bird Tracking in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Singapore
Li David
Sydney's Olympic Peninsula
David Andrew Martin
1230 - 1245

Facilitating Landscape Exchange
Prashanth Chamarthi

Rajendra Raju

A New Approach to Efficiently Calculate Vegetation Density of Urban Tropical Trees
Suen Ester Jun-Yu
LALI Connecting Communities, Building Knowledge and Inspiring a New Landscape Ethos
Dr. Fajardo Martha
1245 - 1400 Networking Lunch
Featured Session - Biophilic City
Design of neighbourhood landscapes with landscapes services (currated by NUS and HDB)
Neighbourhood landscapes are the quintessential urban landscapes, with the potential to have large impacts on the well-being of urban dwellers and the environment. But surprisingly little information exists on their design. This session convenes policy makers, practitioners and academics in varying fields to share insights on an integrated design process applied in the planning and design of neighbourhood landscapes in Singapore.
Featured Session - Smart Nation
Cities and Innovation
Featured Session - Future Resilience
Discourse on visions of sustainable society and resilient environment across scale and geography through a trans-disciplinary approach with the sharing of perspective from academics, activists and landscape architects.
1400 - 1420 Why Designing for Neighbourhood Landscapes Matter - Overview of Research Project
Prof. Tan Puay Yok, National University of Singapore
Prof. Poon King Wang, Director
Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities
Economic Evaluation of Ecosystem Goods and Services Towards Ecological Resilience
Himlal Baral, Senior Scientist, Center for International Forestry Research
1420 - 1440 Keynote Session 1
Leonard Cai, Deputy Director of Building & Research Institute,
Housing & Development Board
Adam White, Director
Davies White Ltd
United Kingdom
Between a Rock and Hard Place: Building Resilience Against the Backdrop of Precarity and Vulnerability
Jonathan Rigg, Director of the Asia Research Institute and Professor of Geography
National University of Singapore
1440 - 1500 Keynote Session 2
Prof Jim Chi Yung, University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, China
The Digitisation of Vegetation: From Solitary Trees to Whole Forests
Dr. Ervin Lin, Nparks
Urban Wilds as a Contested Resource of Fast Growing Cities
Yun Hye Hwang, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture
National University of Singapore
1500 - 1515 Discussions Discussions Discussions
1515 - 1545 Afternoon Refreshments Afternoon Refreshments
1545 - 1600 Representative, Ramboll Dreistl Studio
Paper Presentation Session-
Modeling for better design
Paper Presentation Session-
Green infrastructure
1600 - 1615 DSW'S First Design Principle: Responsibility for Land
GyungTak Park, Dongsimwon Design Corp,
Republic of Korea
Fieldwork Design
Philipp Urech
Reframing Road Networks as Ecological Corridor
Nidhi Madan
1615 - 1630 The Wenshan Oasis Project: Neighbourhood Landscape Design along the Waterway Mr Liu Po-Hung, Classic Design,
Smart Landscapes: Application of Parametric Modeling for a New Generation of Detention Reservoir in San Paulo City
Dr. Moura Newton Becker
The Benefits of Increasing Blue-Green Infrastructural Ecosystem Services
Han Soyoung
1630 - 1645 Neighborhood Landscape Design with Ecosystem Services
Prof. Liao Kuei-Hsien, National Taipei University 
Modeling Elderly Accessibility to Urban Park in High-Density Cities
Gong Fang-Ying
Hong Kong, China
Study on Effectiveness of Strategies to Re-establish Landscape Connectivity of Expressways
Nanayakkara Godakandage
Sri Lanka
1645 - 1700 The Role of Green Spaces in Forming Community Ties Depends on the Urban Context
Prof. Vincent Chua, National University of Singapore
Smart Library for Landscape Information Modeling
Lee Chan Jong
Republic of Korea
Geomorphic Perspective of Drainage Planning in Lagos Sand Barrier-Langoon Coastal Landscapes
Dr. Adejumo, Olstunji Titus
1700 - 1715 Window View in a High-rise Neighbourhood and the Brain: The Effects of Floor Level and Green Cover on the Alpha and Beta Rhythms
Dr. Agnieszka O. Guizzo, National University of Singapore
Calibration of the Model ENVI-met V4 for Predicting the Microclimate Variation in an Urban Park
Li Yingnan
Republic of Korea
A Study of the Planning and Design Process of Green Infrastructure Focusing on Green Street Approach
Dr. Im Joowon
1715 - 1730 Discussions Mapping the Equivalent Vertical Sunshine Duration Curve of Outdoor Space beside Buildings for Dynamic Landscape Planting Design
Dr. Lin Chuang-Hung
Chinese Taipei
Life Commemoration Post Earthquake Reconstruction
Prof. Lu Shiliang
People's Republic of China
1730 - 1800 Closing Keynote - Landscapes of the future
Daan Roosegaarde, Studio Roosegaarde
1800 - 1810 Closing Remarks
1810 - 1820 IFLA Flag Handover Ceremony
1900 - 2200 Awards Gala
AAPME Awards Ceremony
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