Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is a country that has made tremendous efforts in infusing nature into the heart of all urban developments. Boasting an impressive network of trails and pathways that connects parts and green spaces, the city-state has made considerable efforts to also integrate nature into its vertical spaces. Join us for a first-hand experience in exploring the deep wonders of what the city has to offer! Further details will be shared at a later date.

Delegates can look forward to be part of our specially curated Technical Tours, where we go on to explore award-winning sites right in this garden city.  

Do register as a congress delegate first and check back here for more updates on the specfic sites in the technical tour.





Remaking Heartlands in Singapore (HDB)

These projects will bring you through the heartlands of Singapore where most of our Singapore population live. Housing & Development Board (HDB) designed and built many of these new age public housing, positioned as satellite towns where biophilia ecosystems, integrated greenery and water planning are part of their design principles. Learn and experience how one could seamlessly move through places lined with greenery in between housing, town centres and regional parks.

“Breathtaking” Greenery

Experience the innovations and landscape architecture feat behind Singapore skyrise greenery for commercial and mix-residential projects. These projects will give you insights on how landscape architects, worked with architects to challenge greenery at heights and at scale. These projects will bring you through some of the award winning landscape architecture projects and introducing new breathtaking projects that pushes biophilia principles and experiences.

Biophilic Playscapes


Building values through play. Play and experience how biophilic and immersive play stimulates active nature learning through design while fostering social interaction amongst users of different abilities. This tour will also give you a glimpse of how the Park Connector Network provides recreational play for adults and cater for lifestyles of different demographic.


Urban Infrastucture

Water Integration

Urban Planning

State of the Art



See and experience the engineering feat and brilliant architecture that integrated thoughtfully & beautifully with the lush greenery. These projects will give you insights into the challenges of planning, design and construction stages.

Water Story – from Resilience to Biophilia (PUB)

Look into the past and present of Singapore waterways and water bodies. See how Singapore has transformed their once ugly drains and canals into clean river and beautiful waterways. This tour will bring you on a journey of a water story beginning with resilience building and now transformed for biophila. Be surprised by how Singapore engineers work with landscape architects to transform some of these urban and residential spaces.

Transforming the Landscape of Institutions

Zoom out and be surprised to see 30% of our city is well covered by lush greenery. Walk through the spaces under the tree lined canopy and feel the intensity in numbers of the trees and plants planted all around Singapore. Understand how the planning and transport authority integrates cycling and landscapes with the greening authority and appreciate the challenges behind. This tour will also bring you to some of the business parks and university campus with a lush landscape masterplan in place.


Urban Conservation

Communities and Social Well-being

Ecology and Biodiversity

Singapore Heritage and Conservation Efforts

This tour will bring you through the heritage and conservation journey of Singapore. Understand the conservation efforts and some award winning heritage buildings that are part of Singapore’s preservation of local culture, architecture and landscapes including biodiversity.

Beautiful Healthcare and Therapeutic Gardens

Healthcare services and hospitals in Singapore are stepping up their greenery provision, believing in the therapeutic effect that greenery has for its patients. Communities are also having a piece of their planting spaces in public areas where community gardens and allotment gardens are provided to enhance the social bonding and well-being of our societies.

Biodiversity conservation and Ecological connectivity

Experience resilient landscapes where biodiversity and conservation efforts thrive in response to rapid urbanising programmes and increasing competing land use demand in the tropical island city. These nature spaces and projects bring you into the depth of our design with built in resilience strategies for the tropical rainforest structure, wildlife ecology, and even communities engagement that serves as a pedagogical approach.

*Information is subjected to adjustments by IFLA 2018 Organising Committee.